Map Trading. Home of White Pearl.

MAP, is one of Europe`s leading ethnic food marketing companies, originally set up with the task of marketing premium quality Basmati rice sourced from Punjab, Pakistan.

MAP is the single largest importer of Basmati rice from Pakistan to the UK. Once in the UK, the rice is milled at our own mill in Park Royal, ensuring complete quality control from source to consumer.

White Pearl is unique, being the only Basmati rice brand that is aged for at least one year before milling. This ageing process matures the rice and enhances the aroma.

Significant investment has gone into establishing White Pearl as the company`s flagship brand. A trusted and premium quality brand
throughout the EU.
MAP distributes through Bestway and Batleys Cash & Carries. We also have a large customer base of specialist wholesalers and retailers throughout the EU. Map Trading is a Bestway Group company.

MAP is accredited to the internationally recognised ISO9002 quality standard.

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